Our Mission

‘Make data breaches irrelevant’

The only way to permanently thwart data breaches is to render them irrelevant. Baffle’s approach is to assume that breaches will happen, so we ensure that unprotected data is never available to an attacker. Our mission is to encrypt the data as soon as it is produced and keep it encrypted even when it is being processed. This ensures a powerful, easy-to-use and efficient way to protect the data at all times.

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Protect your sensitive content. Monitor the encryption process at all times with sophisticated metrics reported continuously with no application changes or performance degradation. Deploy on any public or private cloud within minutes.

Baffle was founded to battle the increasing threats to enterprise assets in public and private clouds. Our team has strong backgrounds in encryption, security, cryptography, storage and enterprise infrastructure design. Baffle is pioneering a solution that makes data breaches irrelevant by keeping data encrypted from production through processing. Unlike other solutions that only encrypt data at-rest and in-flight, Baffle’s solution keeps data encrypted while it is being processed by databases and applications.

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