Protecting cloud data throughout its lifecycle

Protecting Cloud Data Throughout Its Lifecycle

Organizations have flocked from on-premises to the cloud over the past year, and protecting data during the transition has proven to be a monumental task….


Is Tokenization a Good Way to Protect Your Data?

This blog looks at the functionality of vault-based data tokenization methods and some key data protection challenges in using such approaches in cloud security and modern compute…

Encrypted keys

A Technical Overview of HYOK and RLE with Baffle DPS

As adoption of Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) and Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) continues to increase, we’ve encountered more questions around how our Baffle…

Baffle x IBM Cloud

Delivering HYOK for Financial Services with IBM Cloud

Today, IBM announced IBM Cloud for Financial Services, the first financial services ready cloud platform.  The announcement also highlights an ecosystem of over 90 technology…

Data Pipeline Graphic

De-identifying Data into Snowflake

We recently announced our partnership with Snowflake (you can read more here), and are proud of our unique approach to data de-identification and privacy protection.  This article and video…

Business presentation graphic

Preserving Retail Data ROI Means Protecting It

The retail industry transformed in many ways in 2020, with online sales representing a clear example of such customer preference shifts. In analyzing these changes,…


NextGen DLP: Data Misuse Protection

Data loss prevention is a fundamental security principle within the IT industry. The term DLP has been used for over two decades to refer to the…

New year resolutions that every data security team can love

New Year Resolutions that every Data Security Team can Love

 The incessant implementation of new tools to protect sensitive enterprise data sometimes feels like a high tech arms race between the forces of good and…

Looking ahead to Data privacy in 2021

Looking Ahead to Data Privacy in 2021

The adage asserts that hindsight is 20/20, and the events of the last year seem to have supported that claim, especially as it relates to…

Baffle x AWS

Tokenize and de-identify data in AWS RDS in less than 10 minutes

Follow this link to read the Amazon Partner Network (APN) Blog. When it comes to security implementations, the amount of friction or overhead generated by…