Supporting serverless — a path from legacy architecture to cloud native

Last week was quite the week for us as we announced our support for AWS Lambda serverless functions.  Not only does this capability represent a…

Baffle’s Data Protection Patent Issued

Today is an exciting day for Baffle, as our first patent, “Systems and Processes for Executing Private Programs on Untrusted Computers” (U.S. 10,110,566) was officially…

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The Role Encryption Plays in Protecting Healthcare Data, Driving Innovation

As the healthcare industry continues to go digital to meet patient demand and data-driven regulations, it has been heavily targeted by hackers, as patient records…

holy grail

The Holy Grail of Encryption

Today, Baffle reached another milestone by delivering first-to-market capabilities enabling wildcard search on AES encrypted data without requiring any modification to an application. Achieving this…


CISOs Brawl it Out at RSA

Chairs were thrown.  A table was flipped.  Someone broke a bottle. And a portable LED projector got a scratched lens. Ok, it didn’t quite happen…

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Vulnerabilities Come in Waves

VULNERABILITY WAVE EXAMPLES In April 2014, a two year old zero day vulnerability was discovered in OpenSSL.  Heartbleed represented a new finding in TLS implementations…


Overcoming the Push and Pull Between Business and Security

This morning, an article I wrote for Dark Reading called “Is Security Accelerating Your Business?” was published. Here is the link to the full article….

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Securing data against Meltdown and Spectre with Multi-Party Compute (MPC)

The New Year has brought to light a significant vulnerability in processor architectures. In the desire to improve performance, memory isolation, which is one of…


Here comes GDPR, are you ready?

Today is May 25, 2017 – we are exactly one year away from the implementation of the most stringent privacy regulation ever enacted – the…


Why Is Homomorphic Encryption Not Ready For Primetime?

First a short lesson in history: In 1978, just a year after the RSA public-key scheme was developed, Rivest et al. published “On Data Banks…