Baffle x AWS

Tokenize and de-identify data in AWS RDS in less than 10 minutes

Follow this link to read the Amazon Partner Network (APN) Blog. When it comes to security implementations, the amount of friction or overhead generated by…

Adaptive Data Security

Adaptive data security controls to reduce the risk of data breaches

2020 is the year that just keeps on giving.  We’ve written a fair amount about how to assess the threat model for your data and…

an unprotected analysis pipeline undermines the value of data

An Unprotected Data Analytics Pipeline Undermines The Value Of Data

Some estimate that 90% of the world’s data has been produced in the past two years alone. This proverbial tidal wave of information positions businesses…

getting your data protocols CPRA-ready

Getting Your Data Protocols CPRA-ready

Amidst the frenetic activity still going on with the presidential election, this week California passed Proposition 24, an important bill which will strengthen digital privacy…

data breaches 2

Critical Gaps in the Data Access Threat Model

This blog, the third in a series on “Why you can’t stop data breaches”, details various attack methods used to compromise a set of common…


Risk Acceptance and Security Trade-offs: Managing Performance vs. Security

I recently read a note by someone discussing the futility of having engineers focus on performance cycles in order to optimize data encryption operations, and…

A DataSecOps approach to cloud migration is not negotiable

A DataSecOps Approach to Cloud Migration Is Not Negotiable

A recent study of CIOs offered good news for those concerned about cloud data protection. It reported that 86% of respondents are now viewing security…

cloud misconfigurations

Cloud misconfigurations: a surging, but overlooked threat to cloud data security

Enterprises continue to migrate their workloads to the cloud with the promise of lower costs, increased agility and greater flexibility. But cloud migration also brings…

combining data utilization and privacy

Combining CCPA Compliant Data Utilization and Privacy

Today marks the first day the attorney general will enforce the CCPA or California Consumer Privacy Act, a milestone day for all of us, who,…

are gdpr and other privacy regulations enough

Are GDPR and Other Privacy Regulations Enough?

Two years ago, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced and hailed as the most significant change in data privacy regulation in two decades….