Baffle – Protecting Your Databases From Breaches

As Ameesh Divatia, the co-Founder and CEO of Baffle, likes to say, we need to accept that data breaches are a fact of computing life today. However, his company’s goal is to make these breaches irrelevant by efficiently encrypting data wherever it may be, so that even if there is […]

Application Development: Ripe for Encryption

As businesses look to accelerate application innovation and move more and more workflows to the cloud, their needs can be at odds with the need to secure the data. This article will outline current challenges faced by application developers to protect data in this new cloud/DevOps environment. It will also provide insights […]

The Future of Database Encryption

In order for encryption to be more broadly deployed, it must become easier to consume and interfere less with how applications process data. CIOs and  CISOs are starting to recognize that database encryption is a critical need and are scrambling to adopt it before their organizations  fail the next compliance […]

Cloud-based databases need new approaches to ensure data security

Interest and adoption of cloud-based databases is ramping up as more companies see the value of moving from traditional on-premise IT infrastructures to off-premise cloud services like Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure and many others. Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offers high availability, multi-tenancy and the ability to scale as demand grows without the […]

Why insider threats are the next big security challenge

The high-profile leaks of highly sensitive data by NSA contractors Harold Thomas Martin and Edward Snowden woke enterprises up to the fact that traditional perimeter security is not enough. In its 2016 Cyber Security Index, IBM Security found that 60% of breaches were caused by insiders either as inadvertent actors compromising their […]

Baffle: Making Application and Database Encryption Easy

There is nothing worse than having a solution to a problem that people don’t know they have. That may be the classic definition of database encryption. The challenge is that most databases have their own baked-in encryption model. As a result, most organizations just assume that they have all the […]