Getting Started

Enrolling a New Application in Baffle Manager

Baffle Manager can provide application-level encryption for your applications including the ability to classify data at a columnar level and enable and manage encryption based on the classification. Baffle’s application encryption capabilities include the ability for databases to store encrypted data and perform database operations without decrypting the data.

To enroll an application for management by Baffle Manager, login to Baffle Manager as a user with the Application Administrator role and navigate to the application management view by clicking on the tab labeled “Applications”.
The application management view provides you with a list of all applications that you have enrolled with Baffle Manager.

To enroll a new application, click on the “+” button labeled “Enroll Application”. In the window that pops up, enter the requested information.

Application Name – A user-defined name to help identify the application within Baffle Manager.

Application Description – A user-defined description to help describe the application.

Hostname/IP Address – The hostname or IPv4 address of the application host. Hostname is preferred.

Host Username – OS username for use by Baffle Manager to connect to the application host. This user must have sudo privileges.

Host Credential – Password for user used by Baffle Manager to connect to application host.

Application DB Name – The database used by the application to store data. The database must already be enrolled with Baffle Manager to appear in the drop down menu.

Application DB Username – Database user for use by the application to connect to the database.

Application DB Credential – Password for database user used by the application to connect to the database.

Note that all field are required.

After entering all of the requested information, click on the button labeled “Enroll Now” to begin the application enrollment process.

During the application enrollment process, Baffle Manager will connect to the application host you specified with the credential you provided and install and configure a BaffleShield proxy.