Advanced Data Protection for Financial Services

As more transactions move online, financial services companies have accrued valuable data that have become prime targets for hackers and thieves. Charged with managing large enterprise infrastructure and subject to targeted campaigns and persistent threat actors, banks and other financial institutions are under attack. This has led to a rise in costly data breaches as well as the creation and tighter enforcement of data security and privacy regulations.

Several regulations such as GLBA, SOX, GDPR and PCI-DSS require some form of encryption, data access controls and/or breach notification requirements that add to the complexity of holding and processing sensitive data and enforce significant penalties for non-compliance. As the mixed use of on-premise and cloud IT infrastructure along with rapidly evolving applications using multiple database platforms increases, tracking and protecting data becomes an even bigger challenge for the industry.


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How Baffle Helps


Baffle’s Advanced Data Protection turns the database tier into an AES encrypted brick with no key present. This prevents privileged users from accessing sensitive data records while still allowing them to perform operational tasks.


Implementing encryption can be costly and difficult. Baffle is implemented via a no code data abstraction layer that simplifies application-level encryption while saving on development time and costs.


Baffle’s patented secure multiparty compute (SMPC) implementation supports operations on encrypted data included search, sort, range queries and mathematical operations enabling security to implement encryption without breaking business processes.

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