Advanced Encryption for PostgreSQL

Analyze encrypted data without ever seeing the data in clear text

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Laura Case
Laura Case
Director of Product Management
Sushant Rao
Sushant Rao
SVP, Marketing

Companies get significant business value out of the data they’ve collected. But, they are facing challenges with staying compliant with data privacy regulations while processing and analyzing the data. Typically, data teams have cleartext access to regulated data, in violation of compliance regulations. In addition, modern data teams use a variety of applications, including Tableau, Power BI, SQL queries, APIs and more, on multiple clouds such as AWS and Azure. All of this means implementing access controls in every downstream application across multiple environments.

Encrypting data ensures data is protected, even downstream. But, data teams are unable to perform operations on protected data that use traditional encryption methods.

The solution is cryptographic protection that follows regulated data while allowing any and all analytical and operational computations on the data.

In this webinar, learn how to

complete operations on encrypted data without the use of specialty solutions with hardware enclaves, such as Intel SGX
Protect data wherever it flows, even from admins and data teams, while meeting compliance regulations.
Easily and quickly implement data security without any code changes