An Unprotected Analytics Pipeline Undermines The Value Of Data

October 8, 2020

Some estimate that 90% of the world’s data has been produced in the past two years alone. This proverbial tidal wave of information positions businesses to inform decisions that optimize operations, attract and retain customers, and create significant market differentiation. The challenge is how to make sense of data in multiple formats that emanate from disparate sources.

For data to provide value, it must flow through what is referred to as the analytics pipeline: the infrastructure used to collect, store and process data in an IT environment. In the analytics pipeline, unstructured data — such as emails, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, presentations, instant messages, photos, audio and video — enters “upstream.” As data moves “downstream” toward the end of the pipeline, it is cleansed, organized and analyzed via predictive analytics and machine learning.

At this point, data is at its peak value and, consequently, is more attractive to hackers. For this reason, data protection must be an integral part of the data analytics pipeline to prevent incidents that can offset the many benefits that analyzed data can provide.


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