Can GRC Professionals Co-Exist with GenAI? Yes, But With a Catch

April 23, 2024

A crossroads is coming where generative AI crosses over with Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) — will it empower GRC professionals or make the task harder?

At the heart of the matter, as we zoom in on the evolution of generative AI and how fast it is spreading across enterprises, is whether this fast-paced adoption could be outpacing the adjustments needed to ensure that GRC professionals catch the loopholes when it comes to Gen AI in organizations.

There is also a seeming lack of certainty around current regulatory frameworks for Gen AI use. At best, we currently have early-bird AI regulations, which, as time progresses, may require more fine-tuning to get to good standards.

It may not all be bad news though, despite the many unknowns surrounding the inner workings of Gen AI models.