AWS Source to Target Migration

This demo covers Baffle's integrated source-to-target data migration that allows for simplified database migrations that encrypt the data on the fly.

Additional Resources

Mitigate the Risks of Data Leakage and Breaches

Watch this video to learn about different tokenization and data encryption techniques and see how you can stand up a demo of Baffle's Data Protection Services in conjunction with AWS RDS and AWS KMS in a matter of minutes.

Try Baffle Out in the AWS Marketplace for Free

Baffle also supports headless deployments via Docker images.  If you’d prefer to deploy via a Docker image and get up and running quickly.  Please email [email protected].

Supported Encryption Modes

Baffle supports multiple encryption modes including NIST certified and FIPS validated AES modes. All Baffle encryption modes can be implemented using a “no code” model via Baffle Data Protection Services.

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