Theft of consumer and customer data continues at an alarming rate.  In many cases, the entry points, exploits, and methods for attackers have not changed that drastically across these hacks.

Baffle’s Advanced Data Protection Services provide unique capabilities that help thwart attackers at each step of the way to help prevent the theft of data in a breach.  Below is a visual flow of a high profile data breach and the Baffle techniques that would make it much more difficult to steal data.




Many organizations are shifting their security posture to a zero trust model, and the reality of today’s cyber threat is that most companies are already compromised. As explained in the above diagram, in these scenarios, truly protecting your data and constraining access can help mitigate the risk of stolen data. Baffle can help cover your back and provide you with complete application data protection.

Application Data Protection Services

Key Capabilities

Advanced Data Protection
Data is encrypted using AES encryption and protected end-to-end: in memory, in the run-time, in search indices, and at-rest.

Support for Customer Owned Keys
Customers always own the keys and integration with enterprise key management, cloud key management and HSMs is supported

Comprehensive Application Support
Application functionality is preserved with Baffle’s solution and no rewrites or code modification is required.

Secure Compute
Baffle supports wildcard search, mathematical operations, and analytics on AES encrypted data.

Dynamic Access Control
Users are often over-provisioned to data (e.g. see the latest data leak headline) in app environments. Dynamic Access Control cryptographically enforces control at the record level to prevent overexposure of data to end-users.

Record Access Monitoring
Determining who is accessing which records with what frequency is a key capability to ensure compliance with data classification and regulatory policies. Record Access Monitoring tracks access to data at the record level and enables anomalous access triggers.

This approach greatly mitigates the risk of a data theft or breach in compromised environments.


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