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Modernize your database with MySQL in the cloud

Get more flexibility, improved cost-efficiency, and better security with AWS RDS + Baffle

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Ashok Mahajan
Senior Solutions Architect
Min-Hank Ho
VP Product Management

As companies look to modernize their database applications, they are increasingly looking to the cloud for a clean break from legacy databases and architectures.  With Amazon Relational Database Service for MySQL, companies have great choices for a managed database service at the core of their application.  With Baffle Data Protection for Databases, they are also able to protect their data even better than an on-prem deployment and meet their security and compliance requirements in the shared responsibility model.

In this webinar, join AWS and Baffle to learn how to modernize your database application with:

More flexibility to scale up and down as needed
Improved cost-efficiency to only pay for what you need
Better security that cryptographically protects the data in use and at rest