Hello Serenity. Hello Security.

Data breaches are a matter of 'when,' not 'if'. Every day we hear of confidential data being stolen. It is time to take a different approach to protecting our data, especially as on-premise and cloud perimeters blur. Baffle innovation is bringing serenity to data security. We are on a mission to make data breaches irrelevant by keeping data encrypted...always - from production through processing.

The Threat from Within

According to the 2016 Cyber Security Index, IBM Security found that 60% of breaches were caused by insiders either as inadvertent actors compromising their credentials or those with malicious intent. So, in spite of the roughly $75 billion spent on cybersecurity reported by Gartner, data breaches continue to escalate. This is because the way breaches are occurring is changing. Rather than penetrate an organization’s IT network by breaching the firewall, hackers pose as legitimate administrators through compromised credentials and lie in wait for months before attacking the data repositories. Insider threats are very difficult to address because the use of valid credentials fools conventional security mechanisms into interpreting malicious actions as legitimate. Even if behavioral analytics tools are used, the potential for false negatives and false positives ensures that hackers can eventually circumvent these tools.

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