Customers may struggle when trying to protect sensitive data in a Postgres database. The methods that exist are clunky and require significant developer effort to implement and maintain. Further, many customers are migrating off of Oracle databases and encrypting data in cloud postgres databases and have a need to implement stronger security in the cloud. In addition, AWS Aurora also uses a very scalable and performant serverless implementation of Postgres and increasingly customers are storing more and more data in these cloud database platforms.

Without data-centric protection at the field level, attackers can easily get access to data as evidenced by the continued onslaught of data breaches. Yet, implementing such security measures can be time consuming and costly and difficult to enable.

Baffle’s Data Protection Services simplifies tokenization and encryption of data in MySQL without any application code changes and virtually no performance overhead.

Customers have been incredibly impressed with the low to no performance overhead of Baffle’s solution and the ease with which it integrates and supports cloud native services.