Data Security in MySQL is an evolving compliance and threat landscape

MySQL remains one of the most popular relational databases today. It offers a variety of data security features that can help with compliance, but only…

Baffle Helps Develop IBM’s Groundbreaking Data Security Broker

Baffle powers IBM to deliver data-centric protection with Cloud Security and Compliance Center Data Security Broker

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Baffle’s Proxy Architecture

Baffle implements database encryption and role-based access control using a reverse proxy configuration that operates at the SQL session layer. This blog will explore what that means and compare it to competing API and agent-based architectures.

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Privacy Enhanced Computation Technologies Advantages and Disadvantages

Privacy enhanced computation technologies allow data teams to perform operations on encrypted data. In this blog post, we discussed various technologies.

Data Tokenization and Masking with Baffle in Amazon Redshift

Security and compliance for sensitive data in your cloud data pipeline and warehouse while running data analysis.

Announcing Baffle Advanced Encryption

Baffle Advanced Encryption is the easiest fastest, and most flexible way to analyze your regulated data while meeting compliance requirements

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The Updated EU-US Data Privacy Framework: Enhancing Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy

The new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework will bring about an unprecedented change in how data privacy is regulated and safeguarded. In this post we discuss its significance and how Baffle Data Protection addresses its key aspects.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Homomorphic Encryption 2023

Four years after our first blog on homomorphic encryption, we revisit the technology to see what’s changed to make it viable for enterprises. The short answer: not much.

Is data masking the same as data encryption?

Data masking and data encryption are two important data security techniques that can help you protect sensitive data and meet compliance . While not always…

A look into the file-transfer attack (and how to protect your data)

A discussion of recent Fortra, Accellion, and Progress Software file transfer attacks and the security measures that could be used to prevent them.