Static and Dynamic Data Masking

Simplified data masking with no code changes

Data masking mitigates the risks of data leakage and bulk data breaches

Baffle Data Protection Services (DPS) provides simplified static and dynamic data masking to mitigate the risks of data leakage and bulk data breaches for all types of data - credit card numbers, production environments, financial information and social security numbers.

Data masking often requires data transforms to support users with different access to data and can slow down development and testing efforts because of the overhead involved. Baffle DPS simplifies via its “no code” approach to enable simplified dynamic and static data masking methods.

Baffle Data Masking supports a variety of masked formats and as a transparent security layer remains invisible to applications and ETL processes. Furthermore, Baffle supports Adaptive Data Security to enable role-based access to masked data further reducing the risk of data breaches.

Here’s a quick demo of our simplified data masking:

Data Masking for Multiple Use Cases

Baffle Data Protection Services (DPS) provides simplified static and dynamic data masking to mitigate the risks of data leakage and bulk data breaches for all types of data used across a variety of services and use cases.

Data Security

Organizations today are challenged with data management - collecting, sharing, analyzing and processing original data, all while keeping it secure and complying with the latest data privacy regulations.

Sensitive Information / Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Baffle’s data masking feature helps ensure data privacy and compliance with data obfuscation, by limiting access and visibility to sensitive data values for non-privileged users while supporting a broad range of data types, formats and sources. This security feature makes complying with data protection regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, PHI and CCPA both faster and easier.

Data Masking Tool

With Baffle, companies can build their own data masking rules to contain actual data at the source and enforce strong access controls. Baffle’s Exfiltration Control capabilities extend data access controls by enabling Dynamic Data Entitlements — automated data masking techniques by data owner and policy-driven masking to mitigate bulk data exfiltration.

Test / Dev Environments

Organizations often struggle to create viable clones of production data for application development environments. Cloning the data in clear text can often leave the data exposed due to the “non-prod” nature of the environment or third-party developer access. On the other hand, transforming or masking the data can be time intensive and introduce significant operational costs slowing down development efforts and business agility.

Baffle’s data masking solution simplifies this process by enabling masked clones of data to be created in real-time with no changes to the application. This allows teams to consume fake or masked data without introducing additional exposure risks.

Masked Data

Baffle Data Masking can be deployed both on-premise or in cloud infrastructure, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Compute Platform. Baffle Data Masking and Exfiltration Control allows organizations to simplify data protection by masking the data set without any code modifications.

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Our Solution

Baffle delivers an enterprise level transparent data security mesh that secures data at the field or file level via a "no code" model.  The solution supports tokenization, format preserving encryption (FPE), database and file AES-256 encryption, and role-based access control.  As a transparent solution, cloud native services are easily supported with almost no performance or functionality impact.

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