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The security of application-level encryption without all the work

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Solution overview

Baffle Data Protection is the easiest way for banks, credit unions, Fintech providers, and insurance companies to protect sensitive data and meet privacy and compliance regulations.

The solution requires no-code changes to your databases, applications, analytics, or AI/ML pipelines. It provides data-centric protection by anonymizing sensitive data and restricting access to the information.

Baffle cryptographically protects the data itself as it’s created, used, and shared across cloud-native data stores. Baffle’s no-code solution masks, tokenizes, and encrypts data, providing the security of application-level encryption without the difficulty, time, and expense.

Key benefits for Financial Services


Easily conform with the requirements of GDPR, PCI, CCPA, NIST, and more.

Protect PII

Anonymize all sensitive data and make data breaches irrelevant


No application code modification required


One solution for masking, tokenization, and encryption


Deploy in hours not weeks

Customer Stories

Case Study

Saxo Bank secures global multi-tenant data mesh

Saxo Bank Secures Global Multi Tenant Data Mesh
Case Study

Global fintech SaaS provider protects sensitive data in multi-tenant cloud

Global Fintech Saas Provider Protects Sensitive Data In Multi Tenant Cloud
Case Study

Fraud detection solution empowers financial Services customers with BYOK data protection

Fraud Detection Solution Empowers Financial Services Customers With Byok Data Protection

Customer Quotes


Baffle allows us to execute our vision

Security Architect, Workiva

“Customers are demanding support for Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) to enable ownership of their encryption key material and have control over their data with revocation rights. Workiva is building AWS KMS key management into the core of our platform, where customers can bring in encryption key material and manage it, and then use those keys in conjunction with Baffle. The joint solution requires no large-scale architectural overhauls or application changes, or dedicated databases per tenant. As a result, development time is instead being spent adding even higher value add enhancements instead of modifying the architecture and application, and Baffle allows us to execute on that vision.”


Baffle enabled us to securely transform to a modern event-driven cloud data mesh

Paul Makkar, Director of Data, Saxo Bank

“Baffle enabled us to securely transform to a modern event-driven cloud data mesh. For the first time we could use multiple encryption keys seamlessly and also provide our internal applications a simplified centralized way to de-identify sensitive data.”

Trends and challenges


A Tightening Landscape
Compliance A Tightening Landscape

The regulatory landscape around data privacy and security is evolving at breakneck speed. GDPR, CCPA, and a swathe of other acronyms hold businesses accountable for protecting customer data like never before. Navigating this complex terrain requires stringent data governance practices and robust risk management.

Failure to comply can result in hefty fines, reputational damage, and even business closure. For financial services organizations, compliance is not just a box to tick, it's a strategic imperative.

Data Breaches

A Persistent Threat
Data Breaches A Persistent Threat

Despite sophisticated security measures, data breaches remain a grim reality for financial services. Hackers, cybercriminals, and even malicious insiders target sensitive customer information like account details, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers.

These breaches can lead to financial losses, identity theft, and erode customer trust. For financial services organizations, preventing data breaches is not just about protecting data, it's about protecting people, livelihoods, and the very fabric of trust that the industry relies on.

AI/ML Applications

Power and Peril
Ai Ml Applications Power And Peril

Artificial intelligence and machine learning hold immense potential for financial services, from automating fraud detection to personalized financial advice. However, sensitive information stored in AI model training data exposes significant risks. 

Already, GenAI projects have seen massive amounts of data compromised, such as an AI team at Microsoft that accidentally leaked 38TB of private data.  In addition, researchers are finding that adversarial prompting can get a GenAI chatbot to reveal PII data in its training set.

Migration to the Cloud

Convenience and Concerns
Migration To The Cloud Convenience And Concerns

Moving data and applications to the cloud offers cost-efficiency, scalability, and agility. However, cloud migration introduces new security challenges. Data stored in the cloud becomes an easier target for attackers, and managing security across hybrid environments is complex.

To fully embrace the cloud, financial services organizations must invest in robust cloud data security solutions, establish clear data ownership and access controls, and foster collaboration between IT and security teams. 

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No application code modification required


Deploy in hours not weeks


One solution for masking, tokenization, and encryption


AES cryptographic protection


No impact to user experience


PCI Compliance


Simplified Encryption


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