Implementing Data Privacy Webinar

Implementing Data Privacy Controls for Amazon Redshift and Cloud Data Lakes

Attend this webinar to learn how data can be easily de-identified on-the-fly as part of your data pipeline process as it is staged for use in Amazon Redshift or cloud data lakes.
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De Identifying Data In Snowflake And Amazon Redshift

De-identifying Data in Snowflake and Amazon Redshift

Learn how data can be easily de-identified as part of your data pipeline as it is staged for use in Snowflake or Amazon Redshift.
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why you can't stop data breaches

Why You Can’t Stop Data Breaches?

A review of risk and responsibility models will be provided along with an examination of how data distribution and cloud deployments can further exacerbate the challenge of securing data.
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Cloud data risk

Cloud Data Risk: How to Better Protect Your Data in the Cloud

This webinar provides an overview of a new threat model for data and helps identify key risks to data security that may be commonly misunderstood or overlooked.
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tokenize your data in aws ads with aws kms

Tokenize Your Data in AWS RDS with AWS KMS

Learn about different tokenization and data encryption techniques and see how you can stand up a demo of Baffle's Data Protection Services in conjunction with AWS RDS and AWS KMS in a matter of minutes.
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de-identify and secure your data analytics pipeline

De-identify and Secure Your Data Analytics Pipeline

Learn how you can establish an S3 cloud data lake fully de-identified and use AWS Athena to easily access and run analytics on data sets for authorized users.
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Controlling data leakage from AWS S3 and cloud storage

Controlling Data Leakage from AWS S3 and Cloud Storage

Learn how data can be easily de-identified, tokenized or encrypted inside S3 objects to help prevent data leakage while still enabling analytics teams to leverage the scale of cloud infrastructure.
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a case study on threat Intels haring across multiple parties

A Case Study on Threat Intel Sharing Across Multiple Parties

This webinar will provide an overview of threat intelligence sharing across multiple parties using privacy preserving analytics to secure the data, while still allowing organizations to query a shared data store.
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data privacy simplified

Data Privacy Simplified – Using Data-Centric Protection to Secure Your Data

Learn how you can perform analytics and share data while still ensuring the appropriate level of data security and privacy.
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critical steps to manage cape compliance and risk in 2020

Critical Steps to Manage CCPA Compliance and Risk in 2020

Examine the impact of the CCPA, answer your burning questions, uncover the CCPA’s nuances, and address its ambiguities and challenges.
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CCPA data privacy compliance simplified

CCPA Data Privacy Compliance Simplified

Learn about new techniques that allow for data minimization to simplify the compliance effort with minimal impact to the business.
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Encryption simplified

Encryption Simplified – A Walk-Through of Baffle Data-Centric Protection

Learn more about how Baffle implements its "no code" encryption approach to protect data at the field or record level.
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implementing record level encryption to ensure data privacy for SaaS

Implementing Record Level Encryption to Ensure Data Privacy for SaaS

Learn how you can implement record level encryption with data shredding techniques in a simplified manner without modifying applications.
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preventing data leakage inc loud development environments

Preventing Data Leakage in Cloud Development Environments

Learn how you can support development teams and secure production data in the cloud at the same time.
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securing data in the cloud

Securing Data “IN” the Cloud

Learn about how you can simplify protection and security of data IN cloud to accelerate your "lift and shift" and still ensure compliance.
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Homomorphic Encryption for your business

Homomorphic Encryption for Your Business: Fact, Fiction, and Hype

The session will provide an assessment of cryptographic techniques and live demonstrations to show how advanced encryption can protect your sensitive data without breaking application functionality for your business.
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