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De-identify and Secure the Data Pipeline end-to-end. Move more data from on-premises to Snowflake -- secure it in staging and enable Adaptive Access Control and Dynamic Data Masking to control who can view what data.

Data Protection for Snowflake

Organizations continue to move more data to the cloud in the current ecosystem to take advantage of the storage scalability and cloud analytics, in order to protect their sensitive data.  Data warehouse or data lake solutions such as Snowflake provide flexible access to data analytics on incredibly large volumes of secure data.

With this move to adopt cloud speed and agility, security can often be left behind or treated as an afterthought.  And when data protection measures are discussed, it can often be deemed too disruptive to applications and business analytics efforts or too complex to implement.

Baffle Data Protection Services (DPS) for Snowflake is a purpose built software solution designed to simplify end-to-end security of the modern big data pipeline.  Baffle DPS allows you to deploy a transparent data security mesh that de-identifies data migrated to cloud storage or staging environments while also supporting masking and data optimization, authentication and access control for Snowflake data.

As a cloud provider, Baffle DPS for Snowflake enterprise edition supports operations on AES 256-bit encrypted data in cloud services, so that business users are not impacted by security.

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The Snowflake data protection solution works by enabling the following:

- Seamless integration with database migration services or other ETL solutions for data encryption to tokenize or encrypt your data on the fly as it migrates from on-premise to cloud.

- Support for multiple modes of encryption, tokenization or format preserving encryption (FPE) to simplify data protection at the field level.

- Provides a transparent, no code data security mesh allows applications and SQL-type queries to function without any code modifications, while securing access and controlling decryption and re-identification of data stored in Snowflake.

- Supports operations on encrypted data to enable reporting and aggregation on data platform with no impact to Snowflake users.

No other solution provides a more transparent, and easily deployable solution that helps you, as a Snowflake customer, deliver security in lock step with the needs of your business, whether it's financial, medical or general customer data protecting HIPAA, GDPR and PCI-DSS regulations.

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Watch this five minute video on how Baffle de-identifies the data pipeline end-to-end

Watch this webinar to learn how data can be easily de-identified as part of your data pipeline as it is staged for use in Snowflake or Amazon Redshift.

Simplifying Encryption White Paper

Baffle Data Protection Services aims to make encryption simple to adopt without disrupting existing application functionality – it protects data all the way up to a record level granularity and supports four modes of protection depending on the level of security desired.

Baffle Data Protection Services

Baffle’s solution simplifies protection of your data in the cloud without requiring any application code modification or embedded SDKs.

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“Appetite for employing a multi-cloud strategy for distribution of data is only growing, and Baffle offers a data protection service that can operate invisibly across clouds to broker data in a de-identified private or publicly viewable state.”

Tarik Dwiek, Director of Technology Alliances at Snowflake

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