Baffle offers a highly scalable solution for many industry verticals and is in production with a top 5 U.S. financial institution. The technology offers the fastest performance when compared to other approaches in the market.



Financial Services

Baffle’s Data Protection Services turns the database tier into an AES encrypted brick with no key present. This prevents privileged users from accessing sensitive data records while still allowing them to perform operational tasks.

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Drive regulatory compliance faster using Baffle’s “no code” solution. Baffle uses industry standard AES encryption to protect data at the field level ensuring that HIPAA, GDPR and HITRUST requirements can be met.

Secure Cloud Migrations

During the cloud migration process, data can be left exposed in the clear in CSV format files or packages. Using Baffle, customers can encrypt data before it leaves their premise and migrate to the cloud platform in encrypted form eliminating data exposure during the migration process.

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SaaS Providers

The shift to cloud-based software delivery has revolutionized how enterprises use software. For most enterprises, the cost benefit of using SaaS is clear, but many are still hesitant to switch due to the potential security and compliance risks. In fact, in a survey of CIOs, security and compliance represented the top 2 of 3 barriers for adopting cloud services.

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