Data Security for Healthcare

The security of application-level encryption without all the work

Solution overview

Baffle Data Protection is the easiest way for healthcare providers, payees, and  health insurance companies to protect sensitive patient and PHI data and meet privacy and compliance regulations such as HIPAA.

The solution requires no-code changes to your databases, applications, analytics, or AI/ML pipelines. It provides data-centric protection by anonymizing PII and PHI data and limiting data exposure via fine-grained role-based access control.

Baffle cryptographically protects the data itself as it is created, used, and shared across cloud-native data stores. Baffle’s no-code solution masks, tokenizes, and encrypts data, providing the security of application-level encryption without the difficulty, time, and expense.

Key Benefits for Healthcare


Easily conform with the requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, NIST, and more.

Protect PHI

Anonymize all sensitive data and make data breaches irrelevant


No application code modification required


One solution for masking, tokenization, and encryption


Deploy in hours not weeks

Trends and challenges


A Tightening Landscape
Compliance A Tightening Landscape

The healthcare industry is grappling with an increasingly complex regulatory landscape for data security and privacy. Legislation such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), HITECH Act, and various regional data protection laws demand strict adherence to safeguard patient information.

Healthcare organizations must navigate this intricate web of regulations, implement robust data governance practices, and adopt risk management strategies to ensure compliance. Non-compliance not only poses the risk of substantial fines but also jeopardizes patient trust and the reputation of healthcare providers.

Data Breaches

A Persistent Threat
Data Breaches A Persistent Threat

Despite advancements in healthcare data security, the industry faces an ongoing threat of ransomware and data breaches. Cybercriminals, motivated by the value of medical records and personal health information, persistently target healthcare systems. Breaches not only result in financial losses for healthcare organizations but also pose significant risks to patient confidentiality.

Safeguarding electronic health records, medical histories, and other sensitive information is paramount to preserving patient trust, preventing identity theft, and maintaining the integrity of healthcare services.

AI/ML Applications

Power and Peril
Ai Ml Applications Power And Peril

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in healthcare holds promise for improving diagnostics, treatment plans, and overall patient care. However, the use of sensitive patient data in training AI models introduces new risks.

Instances of inadvertent data exposure, as seen in other industries, highlight the need for stringent measures to protect patient privacy. Healthcare organizations must exercise caution in managing AI/ML applications, ensuring data anonymization, and addressing potential vulnerabilities to uphold the confidentiality of patient information.

Migration to the Cloud

Convenience and Concerns
Migration To The Cloud Convenience And Concerns

The healthcare sector is increasingly embracing cloud technology for improved efficiency and scalability.

Cloud migration offers benefits, but it also raises concerns about the security of patient data. Healthcare providers must invest in robust cloud data security solutions, establish clear data ownership and access controls, and navigate the ethical considerations surrounding cloud storage.

Balancing the convenience of cloud technology with the responsibility to safeguard sensitive health information is crucial for the healthcare industry's successful transition to the cloud.

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No application code modification required


Deploy in hours not weeks


One solution for masking, tokenization, and encryption


AES cryptographic protection


No impact to user experience


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