Many of today’s businesses are leveraging an information processing supply chain that distributes their data across multiple providers and third party organizations.  Companies share an inordinate amount of information across these parties with little control beyond a security questionnaire or Standard Information Gathering (SIG) assessment.  However, once the risk is accepted and a collaborating organization is vetted, the data gets shared and can often lead to a data leakage event.

According to an Opus/Ponemon Institute study of 1,000 CISOs and risk professionals in the U.S. and UK, companies share confidential information with, on average, 583 third parties. Approximately 59 percent of companies say they have experienced a data breach caused by one of their vendors or third parties.

Baffle’s Secure Data Sharing platform allows companies to securely share data across multiple disparate organizations without letting other participating organizations to see anyone else’s sensitive data.  The benefit of this approach is that private data remains private, but collectively, organizations can process the data for analytics and business intelligence.

Key Benefits:

  • Data is secured so member organizations can only view their own data
  • Aggregate analytics across all of the data sets can be supported without violating privacy
  • Data leakage and breach risk is significantly reduced

A Case Study on Threat Intel Sharing Across Multiple Parties

This webinar will provide an overview of threat intelligence sharing across multiple parties using privacy preserving analytics to secure the data, while still allowing organizations to query a shared data store. Watch the webinar to learn about the following:

  • Common benefits of threat intel sharing
  • Privacy preserving analytics techniques to prevent data exposure in a shared data repository
  • Methods of data access control and entitlements to ensure confidentiality
  • Additional privacy preserving analytics use cases that facilitate secure data sharing

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Gartner Report on Privacy Preserving Analytics

Secure Threat Intel Sharing White Paper

Secure Threat Intel Sharing White Paper

Gartner Report on Privacy Preserving Analytics

Baffle has been named by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in the field of Privacy Preservation in Analytics. For organizations looking to comply with the latest data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, Baffle offers a strong solution to bridge the gap between data confidentiality and data usability.

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Secure Threat Intel Sharing with SMPC

Read about how data can be securely shared without revealing the underlying data values to accelerate threat intel sharing and incident response times.  Multiple parties can share information without compromising their security model while reducing the risk of third party data leakage.

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Securely Share Healthcare Information

This white paper details how healthcare organizations can securely share health related data across multiple parties without violating privacy regulations such as HIPAA. Read about how data can be securely shared without revealing the underlying data values using SMPC.

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