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Open Positions

Fullstack Engineers

Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced java full stack developer to help build our Baffle Manager administration console. Candidates should have relevant background developing SpringBoot applications that perform data access against a MongoDB repository. Candidates should have background defining REST APIs for backend applications and experience working with FrontEnd stacks such as React.


  • Design and implement components for enterprise software management applications using React frontend and JAva spring boot backend.
  • Create scripts that perform system orchestration and configuration operation and expose back end features as REST APIs
  • Develop unit tests for all APIs implemented Develop demos and prototypes for new features/products on roadmap.

Required Experience/Skills:

  • Highly proficient with Java with at least 3 years of experience developing Java applications
  • Experience with Spring framework
  • Experience in developing applications using React.js as front end
  • Experience in using MongoDB
  • Experience in developing and integrating cloud services
  • Experience in developing unit tests for backend APIs and integrating them with CI/CD pipeline
QA Architect
Management Console Lead Architect / Manager
DevOps/CloudOps Engineer
Customer Success Engineer