Average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million

Theft of consumer and customer data continues at an alarming rate. In many cases, the entry points, exploits, and methods for attackers have not changed that drastically across these hacks.

Baffle’s Advanced Data Protection Services provide unique capabilities that help thwart attackers at each step of the way to help prevent the theft of data in a breach. Below is a visual flow of a high profile data breach and the Baffle techniques that would make it much more difficult to steal data.

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Baffle's Advanced Data Protection makes data breaches irrelevant

Advanced and persistent attack threat mitigation

By encrypting data in memory, in process and at-rest, Baffle makes data theft and exfiltration much more difficult for advanced attack schemes. Memory scraping and side channel attacks will only yield encrypted data.

Protect data from insider threat

Baffle’s Advanced Data Protection turns the database tier into an AES encrypted brick with no key present. This prevents privileged users from accessing sensitive data records while still allowing them to perform operational tasks.

Simplify encryption implementations

Implementing encryption can be costly and difficult. Baffle is implemented via a no code data abstraction layer that simplifies application-level encryption while saving on development time and costs.

Supports operations on encrypted data

Baffle’s Secure Multiparty Compute (SMPC) method allows for sort, wildcard search and mathematical operations on encrypted data. This eliminates breakage of application functionality and increases adoption.

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