Announcing Baffle Advanced Encryption

By Laura Case, Director of Product Management | July 26, 2023

The acceleration of AI, machine learning, and large language model usage means more ways in which enterprises are able to get business value of their data – but they need to ensure regulated data is protected. Enterprises are increasingly subject to privacy regulations and data residency requirements across the world that require them to protect regulated data.The focus on increasing the business value of data has resulted in data sprawl as the amount of regulated data available and the number of data pipelines has significantly increased. Data is being put in many places without protection, and this increases risk vectors for companies.

Data teams need to perform operations on protected data but are unable to do that with traditional encryption. Consequently, security teams provide cleartext access to regulated data to data teams because there are disadvantages to all of the privacy enhanced technologies available. Modern teams use a variety of applications: Tableau, Power BI, SQL queries, APIs and more, which means implementing access controls in every downstream application a data team wants to use – and this list continues to grow every day.

Baffle Data Protection provides the foundation for data centric protection. It is a data security platform that enables enterprises to cryptographically protect regulated data while maintaining control of the data with their own encryption keys. Baffle’s Advanced Encryption extends the platform by utilizing privacy enhanced technologies. It is cryptographic protection that follows regulated data while allowing any and all analytical and operational computations on the data, serving the needs of data teams while allowing security practitioners to comply with privacy regulations.

With Advanced Encryption, anyone who needs to do analytics/AI/ML can perform the computational and analytical operations they need without admin access to regulated data. It is a pragmatic approach that balances security with deployment, flexibility, and cost considerations. Because it’s a software-based approach with no code changes and it doesn’t require specialized hardware, it’s fast to implement, provides a great deal of flexibility in deployment, and provides the lowest total cost of ownership.

Unlike other privacy enhancing technologies, Baffle’s Advanced Encryption is highly performant without the use of specialized hardware. Its high-performance architecture minimizes any performance impacts as well as any applications using the data. Baffle’s platform is flexible in that it protects data wherever it flows, giving you the ability to innovate no matter where the data is.

Unlike application-level encryption or policy-based access, Baffle’s modular platform is easy to implement, ensuring no code changes to applications are required. Baffle protects all data coming from the protected data source, so reports, spreadsheets, exported data sets, and SQL queries only show cleartext data to the users who have permission to access it.

At Baffle, we’ve solved the last barriers to adopting encryption. Advanced Encryption is the easiest and fastest way to analyze your regulated data while meeting compliance. To see a demo and discuss your data protection concerns, please schedule a meeting with Baffle.