Baffle’s Data Protection Patent Issued

By Ameesh Divatia, CEO and co-founder | October 23, 2018

Today is an exciting day for Baffle, as our first patent, “Systems and Processes for Executing Private Programs on Untrusted Computers” (U.S. 10,110,566) was officially issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This is the latest milestone in Baffle’s journey to make data breaches irrelevant.

Data security has become a continuous battle, as companies move their data and workflows to cloud computing and extend their data processing to third parties. Baffle’s innovative and unique data-centric encryption never exposes information, does not require application changes and does not break applications.

Baffle provides enterprises with a method and system to process data on an untrusted computer, or a plurality of computers, such that the executing program and data are kept safe from attackers in memory, in process and at-rest. Baffle preserves data privacy while opening the door for aggregate data analytics and data management models previously not thought of as possible.

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