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Real Queryable Encryption

Does Real Queryable Encryption mean there is a Fake Queryable Encryption?

TLDR There is no “fake” queryable encryption, but a certain NoSQL database provider has coined the term “Queryable Encryption”, and Baffle has something to say…

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Baffle’s Proxy Architecture

Baffle implements database encryption and role-based access control using a reverse proxy configuration that operates at the SQL session layer. This blog will explore what that means and compare it to competing API and agent-based architectures.

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Privacy Enhanced Computation Technologies Advantages and Disadvantages

Privacy enhanced computation technologies allow data teams to perform operations on encrypted data. In this blog post, we discussed various technologies.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Homomorphic Encryption 2023

Four years after our first blog on homomorphic encryption, we revisit the technology to see what’s changed to make it viable for enterprises. The short answer: not much.