NextGen DLP: Data Misuse Protection

By Mark Settle | March 8, 2021

Data loss prevention is a fundamental security principle within the IT industry. The term DLP has been used for over two decades to refer to the framework of policies, procedures, tools and teams that enterprises employ to prevent the inadvertent loss or intentional theft of sensitive information.

DLP tools and procedures are used to protect intellectual property, prevent exposure of business-critical information and ensure compliance with financial and privacy regulations. DLP safeguards have historically been designed to combat ‘insider threats’ posed by individuals who may release sensitive information through negligence or malice using legitimate or hijacked authorization credentials.

Conventional DLP tools were designed to detect sensitive information crossing some type of infrastructure boundary such as a firewall, load balancer or network gateway. More recently, DLP tools have started to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) technologies to detect patterns of data usage that are potential indicators of sensitive data exfiltration.

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