Overcoming the Push and Pull Between Business and Security


This morning, an article I wrote for Dark Reading called “Is Security Accelerating Your Business?” was published. Here is the link to the full article.

In short, I wanted to answer the following question: with an ever-growing list of security and compliance requirements, security can either hinder or slow critical business initiatives. Is your security department stuck in the slow gear or can it go faster? I discuss the fundamental push and pull between business and security, why the validation and vetting of security requirements is so slow, and whether that needs to be the case moving forward.

The reality for security teams is that they cannot keep pace with the business unless they re-think the architecture and data protection model going forward.  At Baffle, we believe our secure computing and data abstraction layer are a key piece of that puzzle in addition to other best practices teams can adopt as outlined in the article.

I encourage you to read the full text. Here again is the link to the full article.

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