Secure data analytics and info sharing for healthcare


Obviously, there’s a lot of focus on the healthcare industry these days and rightly so. We’ve been working with several organizations recently with our secure data sharing platform to facilitate privacy preserving analytics on data across multiple organizations and third parties.

The technique enables anonymization and protection of patient data to ensure data privacy and compliance, but still allows for shared analytics and automated data processing to occur on the data. Baffle’s implementation of secure multi-party compute ensures data protection in use, in memory and at-rest. This method is detailed in this blog entry here and our white paper, “Enabling the Safe Sharing of Healthcare Information”.

A lot of people don’t believe that this type of secure data processing is available, so we also have a quick three minute demo that walks you through some of the analytics scenarios. There are others posted in the Secure Data Sharing section of our website.

In a world where reporting and data seem to be coming too late because of a multitude of reasons, perhaps methods, such as these, can unblock security, privacy and legal concerns to help accelerate a collaborative response.

Enabling Safe Sharing of Healthcare Information
Enabling Safe Sharing of Healthcare Information


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