The Holy Grail of Encryption

holy grail

Today, Baffle reached another milestone by delivering first-to-market capabilities enabling wildcard search on AES encrypted data without requiring any modification to an application. Achieving this “holy grail” of encryption provides complete validation of our approach to deliver a simple to deploy data protection layer that does not break application functionality.

This capability provides several key benefits to customers:

  • Support for virtually any application – on-premise, in cloud, 3rd party commercial, and SaaS applications can utilize Baffle Advanced Data Protection without modifying their application code base and simultaneously enabling in use, in memory and at-rest encryption.
  • No application breakage – the challenge with implementing strong security measures is that they tend to disrupt or break business process or applications. In delivering wildcard search capabilities, Baffle has not only achieved a technological break-through, but has also proven that any application functionality can be preserved while still leveraging industry standard AES encryption.
  • Insider threat and data theft risk mitigation – organizations are operating under an assumed breach posture in today’s world. Only Baffle can enable processing of encrypted data without ever decrypting it. This helps restrict access to the highest value data assets by the highest privilege users.

We often hear from our customers that the capabilities that we claim sound too good to be true.  After reviewing the technology and our approach in depth, we hear quite the opposite.

Most recently, in a meeting with a global bank, the CTO commented, “we’ve been looking at this space for a while and have seem some approaches that have some utility in protecting secrets and the like.  This is the first time we’ve seen an actual product utilizing this technique that can be broadly applied to data protection.”

We would love the opportunity to convince you in a live demo.  Please take 10 minutes of your time to see have we can enhance your data protection strategy.  You can read more about the capability in eWeek’s article here as well.

Finally, I’m incredibly pleased to be part of an organization that is delivering data protection capabilities to mitigate the risk of data theft.  I want to congratulate our engineering team on achieving an incredibly significant and game changing technological milestone – the hard work is paying off.



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