Advanced Data Protection.

At Rest. In Memory. And Finally, In Use.

Baffle’s Advanced Data Protection provides end-to-end data protection to protect against modern day hacks and data theft.  Despite all the investment in security, data breaches and theft continue unabated.  For organizations operating under an “assumed breach” posture or moving to a zero trust model, there is still a significant threat to the security of data housed in both on-premise and cloud-hosted environments..
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Secure Data in the Cloud

Baffle has developed an encryption solution for databases that integrates seamlessly into the cloud migration process before the data leaves the enterprise.

Ensure Data Privacy

The technology supports virtually any application via a “no code” model and enables mathematical operations on encrypted data to preserve privacy.

Make Data Breaches Irrelevant

By securing data end-to-end, Baffle’s solution mitigates the risk of data theft and breaches and provides safe harbor in many breach scenarios.

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