Data Masking for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server Databases

As technology continues to evolve and data becomes more integrated in all areas of the enterprise, data breaches will continue to be a threat.

Baffle Data Protection Services integrates seamlessly with your PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL Server database management system, providing data masking solutions to help keep your company's data secure. And we do this without any application code changes or complicated measures which can hurt performance.

What is Data Masking and why is it Important?

Data masking replaces sensitive data with “decoy” data that looks authentic. Only authorized users have access to the real data – so even when a breach occurs, the private data is still protected.

Baffle’s data protection service allows an organization to control who sees what data and provides on-the-fly masking as it moves from place to place, keeping your company compliant and avoiding fines.

Though data breaches will continue to occur, Baffle reduces the risk of data breaches by encrypting data end-to-end. That means that even if a security breach occurs, the data won't be able to be read or used in any way.

data masking

With insider threats becoming more abundant, masking encrypted data is critical. Baffle helps prevent data leakage or theft by keeping data encrypted or masked wherever it is stored. In addition, we offer a wide range of support for many databases, such as:

PostgreSQL Data Masking

  • Protects data from disclosure due to unsecured networks, account compromise, insider threat, etc.
  • Transparent data-centric security layer with several encryption modes
  • Little to no performance overhead
  • Decryption occurs on-the-fly as users require data
  • Supported for AWS Aurora Postgres, AWS RDS Postgres, IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL, Microsoft Azure Postgres, Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL on Nutanix

MySQL Data Masking

  • Simplifies Tokenization and encryption of Data within MySQL
  • Sits underneath the SQL interface layer and allows for organizations' own encryption keys
  • Virtually no impact on performance
  • Supports more robust options than traditional MySQL Database level encryptions

SQL Server Data Masking

  • Encrypts data without breaking application functionality
  • No-code field or row-level encryption
  • Define which systems, users or groups can access and see data
  • Does not require batch processing

Baffle's Zero Trust Policy with Encryption

In a zero-trust model, Baffle assumes that security breaches will occur and that the best solution is to protect the actual data values. By providing a transparent data-centric security layer Baffle offers several data protection modes. Capabilities include data de-identification, tokenization, field-level encryption, record-level encryption, format-preserving encryption (FPE), BYOK for SaaS, dynamic data masking, and more.

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Our Solution

Baffle delivers an enterprise-level transparent data security platform that secures databases via a "no code" model at the field or file level. The solution supports tokenization, format-preserving encryption (FPE), database and file AES-256 encryption, and role-based access control. As a transparent solution, cloud-native services are easily supported with almost no performance or functionality impact.

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