the big trade-off with encryption

Encryption essentially comes in two flavors today.

  1. The easy method — check a box and encrypt everything  (encryption at-rest, transparent data encryption TDE).
  2. The hard method — enable field level encryption, which usually requires engaging a developer, embedding an SDK in the application, figuring out key exchange protocols and then making sure it all works.

Why would anyone in their right mind pick the hard way?


Side by side comparison of encryption at-rest vs. field level encryption

The first image is what an attacker would see with the easy encryption method. As you can see, they can see all your data.


The Hard Method

This is what an attacker would see with the hard method -- this is data-centric field level encryption


As you can see, the easy method is also the insecure method.

Learn About Easy Encryption

Baffle makes encryption easy and secure.

How Baffle Helps

Baffle simplifies field level encryption

Application level encryption is difficult to implement leaving businesses with some tough choices -- leave your high value data exposed or undertake a costly and error-prone approach to data protection. Baffle provides a better way.

Simplify encryption implementation

Baffle’s “no code” encryption method eliminates code changes to the application tier.  Virtually any application or API call can be encrypted without any code modification.

Save on costs

Make your CFO and your developers happy.  Eliminate costly development projects to re-write applications and focus developers on what they want to do — build and release core functionality.

Minimize application breakage

Baffle’s encryption method allows for sort, wildcard search and mathematical operations on encrypted data. This eliminates breakage of application functions and business processes.

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