7MS #427: Interview With Ameesh Divatia From Baffle

August 12, 2020

Today we’re thrilled to welcome Ameesh Divatia from Baffle back to the program. We first met Ameesh back in episode 349 and today he’s back to discuss a slew of additional hot security topics, including:

Misconfigured cloud databases

  • Why is this such a common issue, and how can we address it?
  • Wait wait wait…I just spun up a machine in Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, etc. Isn’t it secure because….it’s the cloud?
  • What tools can we use to better secure our cloud databases?
  • How can we secure sensitive information as we migrate it from LAN side to the cloud?

CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)

  • What is the CCPA? How does it relate to GDPR?
  • If I’m a Californian, what can I demand to know from companies as far as how they’re using my data? What can’t I demand to know?
  • Will CCPA inspire folks to scrub their data from the hands of big companies and go more “off the grid?”
  • Does CCPA only apply to California residents and companies?

Secure data sharing

  • What are the current challenges with secure data sharing in terms of monitoring the flow of data within their systems and their partners’ systems, while addressing privacy concerns?
  • What are some of the common mistakes companies make when sharing sensitive data internally or with partners/clients?
  • What is Secure Multiparty Compute (SMPC) and how can it help with secure data sharing?

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