A Blueprint For Cybersecurity Investment In 2022

December 13, 2021

From a funding standpoint, 2021 has been a banner year for cybersecurity startups. Through Q3 alone, new companies netted more than $14 billion in venture capital investments, nearly doubling the record of $7.8 billion in 2020. The need for stronger security has also appealed to, among others, the federal government. In August, President Joe Biden hosted a cybersecurity summit urging leaders from a number of tech giants to step up their security efforts. In addition, the proposed $1 trillion infrastructure bill includes $2 billion earmarked to improve a wide range of cybersecurity systems.

The financial and legislative interests in cybersecurity seem to indicate that cybersecurity budgets are expanding. This line of reasoning aligns with conversations I’ve had with business executives and thought leaders. The big question is: Where should expanded security investments go?

I believe that in 2022, companies should follow a cybersecurity investment blueprint based on emerging challenges in the coming year. Broadly speaking, that blueprint should incorporate three distinct phases: plan, prepare and protect.

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