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Baffle Beefs Up Snowflake’s Data Pipeline Security

Key over hand

Snowflake and cloud data protection provider Baffle will provide fortified data pipeline security in a joint service to secure end-to-end data migrations from static on-premises legacy data stores to Snowflake for analysis.

Data sharing is powering businesses but organizations are running into security challenges. According to a new data report from Snowflake and the Economist Intelligence Unit, 64% of businesses struggle to integrate data from varied sources and 42% fear the the risk of leaked confidential information as a result of sharing data with or sourcing data from external sources (42%). Other challenges include the risk of data being used for purposes other than intended (41%).

The joint service will give customers a bring your own key (BYOK) or hold your own key (HYOK) capability to prevent external parties from seeing or decrypting data. This is paramount to being able to reclaim or revoke access to data, according to Baffle.

At least 75% of the world’s data is projected to move to cloud and into cloud data analytics platforms, according to Gartner. “Snowflake’s going to have a huge hand in that,” Harold Byun, VP of engineering at Baffle, said. “Customers have recognized that and, quite frankly, asked us [Baffle] straight out when we were going to support Snowflake. So that’s the effort we undertook.”

The five-year-old Santa Clara, California-based company simplifies data protection and data privacy to mitigate the risk of data breaches. Baffle’s data security mesh removes the need for any code modification to simplify protection of the actual data values. It serves as an invisible layer to control data flow from any data source and effectively protects the data values sitting within any data repository.

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