Baffle: Making Application and Database Encryption Easy

February 20, 2017

There is nothing worse than having a solution to a problem that people don’t know they have. That may be the classic definition of database encryption. The challenge is that most databases have their own baked-in encryption model. As a result, most organizations just assume that they have all the protection they need.

The problem is even more complicated when it comes to applications — most organizations don’t even think about encryption at that level at all.

According to a new startup called Baffle, however, the reality is that the gaps in application and database security are some of an organization’s greatest vulnerabilities. Their solution enables organizations to dynamically manage database encryption from a central, automated console and extend that encryption to the application layer, protecting data-in-transit between the application and the database.

Their goal is to reduce the attack surface and to become the single platform to manage encryption of all databases. Their approach creates an abstraction layer and enables the control of database security to move from DBAs to Security Operations.

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