CCPA Enforcement To Begin On Wednesday July 1, 2020 – Steps To Get Ready

June 29, 2020

The California Consumer Privacy Act enters the enforcement phase on July 1, despite pleas by some business groups to delay it because of Covid-19 coronavirus impacts. This means that California’s Attorney General will be able to take direct action against businesses that violate the privacy protection requirements of the CCPA. The law has been in effect since January 1, 2020, but until now enforcement was limited to civil actions brought by consumers against violators.

“We’re hearing that a lot agencies are hiring enforcers,” said Ameesh Divatia, co-founder and CEO of Baffle, Inc. Divatia said that the AG’s office has been finalizing how to asses penalties, how to define a breach and how to justify the size of a fine assessed for violating the CCPA. 

“They’re now putting a value on sensitive data,” Divatia said. “Data records need a value.”

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