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Cyber Resilient Vendor Relationships for Healthcare’s Threat Landscape


A healthcare third-party vendor breach can have a devastating impact on multiple entities, which means it’s crucial to have cyber resilient vendor relationships to keep pace with these threats.

– The threats targeting healthcare continue to increase in both their frequency and sophistication. And if the latest third-party vendor security incident is any indication, the need for developing a cyber resilient vendor management process will be crucial to reducing risks to the enterprise.
The 2020 Blackbaud incident is one of the best examples of just how great an impact a seemingly simple breach can have when it impacts a vendor. The cloud computing vendor provides services to a range of nonprofits, healthcare systems, and hospitals.

The ransomware attack in question occurred between February 7 and May 20, 2020. Much like other double extortion incidents reported this year, the hackers exfiltrated a subset of data from a self-hosted environment belonging to Blackbaud’s clients before the hackers were locked out of the system.

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