How The Global Pandemic Is Impacting Data Privacy And Security

May 6, 2020

In March, more than 60 companies joined forces to request a delay on the July 1, 2020 enforcement date of the recently enacted California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). In a letter to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the coalition suggested that the fast transition to a remote work environment created challenges that could impede CCPA readiness by the deadline. The attorney general indicated that there were no plans to move the date, forcing companies to now find ways to have the necessary tools, processes and training in place by July 1.

This incident is just one of a seemingly endless pool of examples that illustrate how thoroughly COVID-19 is impacting data privacy and security. Organizations of all sizes are trying to protect their most critical data through processes that align with the new ways of working and combat a concerning rise of pandemic-themed security attacks.

My company provides advanced data protection solutions, and in the current climate, I am reminded of how important data privacy and security are during a crisis. While data needs to be moved about freely during our response to the pandemic, we should be cognizant of the potential impacts this has on data security.

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