If You Leave Data Unsecured, Don’t Be Surprised If People Steal It

August 10, 2020

Talk about having a target on your back, your front and every available side. “Data enrichment” companies are red meat for cybercriminals.

As the label implies, data enrichment businesses don’t simply store data, they merge data stored by other companies with third-party data to help them target existing and potential customers more effectively.

So, in most cases, the data include much more than an email address, home address, phone number and what a customer bought last month. It’s also the number of children in a household, the value and location of the house, political donations, memberships, social media profiles, income, buying habits, medical conditions, what kinds of cars they drive, etc.

Those are the kinds of data that can enrich organizations looking to improve their targeted marketing techniques. They also offer the potential of major enrichment to cybercriminals looking to steal identities.

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