KM Predictions for 2020

December 9, 2019

Today, there is a greater focus on customer experience across all channels of engagement, an appreciation for data as the oil that fuels business, growing use of automation and AI, and heightened concern about security and compliance.  As we approach a new year—and a new decade— executives from multiple sectors commented on aspects of these intertwined trends and what may lie ahead in 2020.

Greater scrutiny of AI-based decision making. The increasing amount of privacy/protection laws seen throughout the world has prompted organizations to develop data governance programs that include data privacy by default. However, organizations need to be proactive with their privacy standards and programs. If not, they will be caught out of compliance for various laws and ultimately not trusted by their customers. While addressed within the GDPR, the use of advanced analytics and AI for decision making is ripe for further laws. With such concerns as biased decisions based on race, sex, nationality and age (to name a few), organizations will need to be more aware and transparent as to how their developed algorithms and AI are making decisions that could impact their customers. — Todd Wright, Head of Data Management and Data Privacy Solutions at SAS

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