Lessons On Bringing New Technology To Market From A Serial Entrepreneur (Part 2)

January 9, 2020

In part one of my series on bringing new technology to market, I focused on two areas of business that entrepreneurs often overlook or take lightly: focusing on business before bytes and deciding who to hire when moving to a new company. It is very easy to build a great product and then wait for people to buy it, but it does not work that way. Nobody cares about technology on its own; it must solve problems. And those problems should be understood by talking with prospects and customers. In terms of personnel, there is no single right strategy, but when I start a new company, I prefer to bring on new people who have the knowledge set and skills that are relevant for that business.

In this second part of my series, I’ll focus on two more challenges entrepreneurs face: the “going first” problem and the ability to recognize the pivotal moment in any product strategy. Despite the seemingly endless number of decisions and problems that have come with it, I wouldn’t change my career course for anything, and I want to leave you with only encouragement to go for it with no regrets.

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