SDxCentral: IBM boosts data protection across hybrid cloud, multicloud environments

September 6, 2023

IBM is rolling out new capabilities today for its Cloud Security and Compliance Center platform in an effort to help enterprises secure and protect sensitive data across hybrid multicloud environments.

The enhanced offering provides advanced security and compliance capabilities to address the challenges organizations face as they increasingly adopt hybrid cloud approaches. New capabilities include the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center Data Security Broker, developed in partnership with Baffle, that provides layers of encryption and anonymization technology to protect sensitive data used in business applications and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads.

“The IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center supports several cloud environments, including AWS [Amazon Web Services], Azure and Google Cloud,” Nataraj Nagaratnam, IBM Fellow and CTO for cloud security, told SDxCentral. “Across hybrid cloud environments it supports IBM LinuxOne servers and will soon support IBM Power.”

“To date, we have provided cloud data encryption for databases, object storage and such,” he said. “Now, we are using Baffle’s technology to provide application-level tokenization and granular encryption of sensitive fields in databases.”