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The Emergence of Confidential Computing

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Despite its enormous scale, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to grow rapidly. In the fourth quarter of 2021, revenues surged by 40% to $17.8 billion, and the operating income came to more than $5 billion.

The reality of increasingly demanding regulations, especially in financial services in healthcare, is proving to be an obstacle for cloud growth.

Yet, there are emerging innovations in security to make it more palatable to migrate sensitive workloads to the cloud. One of them is confidential computing, which provides security at the chip level. It has been showing lots of traction during the past few years.

“Confidential computing is ushering in a new era to enable analytics of sensitive data without violating privacy and confidentiality requirements,” said Baffle CEO Ameesh Divatia. “It will address a significant roadblock for enterprises wishing to migrate to the cloud because it prevents cloud administrators from being able to view their customers’ data.”

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