The State Of Cloud Security And Privacy: 5 Key Trends To Watch

August 20, 2020

When cloud computing was new, questions swirled around the ability of cloud service providers to keep their infrastructure secure. As more and more businesses began migrating to the cloud, it became apparent that the major cloud service providers were better equipped than most organizations to secure their networks. But questions remain, and customers of cloud services continue to seek better ways to secure their data.

Today, cloud security is becoming less of a discrete practice and more of a primary element of overall security and data protection strategies, said Pravin Kothari, CEO of CipherCloud. “Cloud is so ubiquitous that securing cloud apps and resident data is itself among the top priorities,” he said.

Under the shared responsibility cloud model, much of the responsibility for securing cloud apps and data has fallen on the organizations using cloud services. Mark Bower, senior vice president at Comforte AG, a data de-identification company, said the lion’s share of the responsibility is with the data owner, even if the data is used, processed, and managed in a third-party cloud.

“So while shared responsibility may sound appealing, its 100% responsibility to the data owners when its crunch time.”
Mark Bower

Cloud security trends reflect a concern with meeting that responsibility. Here are five of them your data security team needs to know.

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