US Attributes Taidoor RAT To China’s Government. Pegasus Spyware In Togo. The TikTok Affair. More Fallout From The Blackbaud Ransomware Incident.

August 4, 2020

The CyberWire Podcast: Episode 1144

The US attributes the Taidoor remote access Trojan to the Chinese government. Sources tell Reuters that documents used in an attempt to influence the last British general election were taken from the compromised email account of the trade minister. Pegasus spyware is found deployed against churchmen and political opposition figures in Togo. China denounces the American smash-and-grab of TikTok. Ben Yelin looks at international law and attribution. Our guest is Ameesh Divatia from Baffle on misconfigured databases being attacked within just hours after coming online. And the Blackbaud ransomware attack continues to affect new victims.

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