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Weaving Privacy And Security Into Cloud Migration Is Not Negotiable


A recent study of CIOs offered good news for those concerned about data protection. It reported that 86% of respondents are now viewing security as a higher budget priority, with 68 percent placing the cloud as a higher budget priority. In my experience, data security and privacy must be high in the queue for cloud migration projects. Another study supports that assertion, finding that nearly 80% of businesses suffered at least one cloud breach in the past 18 months, and 43% experienced 10 or more breaches over the same time period.

Few would argue the importance of data protection, but many organizations struggle to implement strategies that reduce the risk exposure during and after the cloud migration process. One emerging approach, called DataSecOps, addresses this challenge by bringing security teams and data scientists together for continuous collaboration throughout the life cycle of a migration project. Here are some things you should consider when implementing a DataSecOps approach.

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